Comment 18 for bug 293139

I have to chime in here. It's entirely frustrating when a good, working, API stablizes only to be discarded because something supposedly shiny and new comes along. That would be all well and good except new is not so shiny.

Seriously folks, as others have said, the dhclient script and it's run-parts dir are a well accepted standard which many software packages have bought into to make dynamic host configuration both robust and reliable. And now network manager comes along with an immature, less-featureful interface and you want to throw away the years of investment into dhclient's script?

To what gain? That's what I really want to know. You'd get no argument from me about supplementing the dhclient standard with network manager if you wish, but it's wholly unacceptable to simply drop the dhclient script standard and all of the functionality it brings to the table with the neutered, watered down network manager "dispatch" functionality.

This appears to be yet another case of Ubuntu looking to make change just for the sake of making change, without fully thinking through the ramifications of the change. This is the whole "update-manager"/libnotify debacle all over again. Are we going to also have to wait 3 releases or more to achieve the same functionality that was prematurely removed?

If you guys want to change things, assuming the final product of the change is progress, that's fine and dandy, just, please, stop lumbering your users with half-baked changes and don't foist them on your users until they are feature complete. Nobody wants a car with no engine, or no wheels, etc. When the feature is complete, then and only then, introduce it into stable releases.