Comment 19 for bug 452350

Teodori Serge (teodori-serge) wrote :

OK found how to correct it :) first you need "dd" and "hexedit".

Important you must understand this.

LVM2 stores vg metadata informations in the first 4MB of all its pvs.
After every update on a vg a new "Metadata Sequence No" is created.
Every pv has its own metadata "Metadata Areas"

So do "pvscan", "vgdisplay" and make out where the metadata area is. (for 'x' pv do 'dd')
After that copy metadata with 'dd', and analyse the output of 'dd' with the one of 'vgdisplay'.
If you are sure you have found the bad blocks open 'hexedit' on device and wipeout bad parts.

please keep me informed about any changes <email address hidden>