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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1085355: Typo in lxsession-edit package description Low Triaged 37 weeks

From: Joakim Langvand
Link: 100-fix-description.patch


Bug #1184952: nepomuk-core-data: Typo in package description: "architecure" Low Triaged 46 weeks

From: Paolo Rotolo
Link: fix-for-1184952.diff


Bug #1181501: Typos in perlqt-dbg Low Triaged 48 weeks

From: Paolo Rotolo
Link: fix-for-1181501.diff


Bug #1169931: Missing word in package description of kde-artwork-active Low Triaged 50 weeks

From: Paolo Rotolo
Link: fix-for-1169931.diff


Bug #696446: typo in description of a2ps Low Fix Committed 117 weeks

From: Benjamin Kerensa
Link: a2ps_fix.diff


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