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Bug #911041 reported by MikeJJ on 2012-01-02
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I've been afk for a long time (full time work doesn't help!), and would like to get back into the swing of things.
A long time ago, i wrote an extension to dc++ to automatically search for rare files and was wondering if something like this would be a welcome addition to vanilla dc++ or if it would be a waste of time and effort ?
As all the gui stuff will need re-writing with dwt.

If this would be welcome, I would also appreciate some input as my original code was written to minimize the changes to DC++'s source code, to make merging with updates easier. If it's too be included it can be written less "hackish".

Points for consideration which i was never really happy with, with the original code and input would be nice:

1) When it should run. I originally set it to run after "automatic search for alternatives" had ran. Disabling that, then looping once through the auto search for rare files list, then re-enabling automatic search for alternatives.
Or something like that, it was years ago now!
Is that the way forward, or ?

2) What to do with the results. I originally dumped them in System log. For vanilla dc++ i don't think that's a good enough way of going about it. Also, opinions on automatically queueing up results (i.e. with a tick box to enable this, per search term).

Any other suggestions are welcome :)


iceman50 (bdcdevel) wrote :

If you're willing to explain it to me im open for suggestion to adding into DiCe!++ if you don't mind

eMTee (realprogger) wrote :

I am not exactly see how would this help (how could be this efficient as an addition to the current way of autosearching) but if we turn this into something that makes one able to prioritize certain elements in the queue for autosearching, it would be a nice addition as autosearching in large queues is really inefficient at the moment.
I think this worth a discussion in the development hub.

MikeJJ (mrmikejj) wrote :

Sorry, i think my description might have been a bit vague, just found the source code, i did it in 2006 . . . time flies!
iceman50, sure i'll dig out my hdd with my favourites.xml on and get connected soon (have 4 days off work). The code might need updating a bit, since it was written for dc++ 0.699
eMTee, imagine there is something pretty rare you would like. Every time you think of it, you search and get no results. But you know someone "must" have it.
The feature i wrote was a place you could input search terms (and have extra filters on the results) to aid in finding a file. As it would "remember" what you were looking for and actively search for this, for you. Does that make more sense ?

Steven Sheehy (steven-sheehy) wrote :

Sounds like it would be perfect for implementation as a plugin....if only there was a plugin system implemented (see bug #587597).

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