Comment 31 for bug 51573

darkraven (jasminr) wrote :

This file (attached) was pulled from HPLIP's website it is the latest.

Ubuntu ibex is a full release version BEHIND. Reason I mention this is I was on the email with HP for about 3 hours trying to diagnose the issue with my older than dirt 932c that still runs..

seems the issue is that graphix from any source, as I'm printing at default resolution, not photo quality[although it prints the same either way] dithers the image down to 16 colors [or less] and creates a moire striped pattern that is hard on the eyes. photos seriously look worse than ass.

the internal printer test page comes out fine. Windows prints NEAR photo quality.

updaing to latest HPLIP fixed the problem.Now linux once more[I dont know where the bug is, linux HAD this kind of quality before] prints photo quality and prints graphics properly.

OSX suffers as well because of out of date and misconfigured CUPS.This isn't an issue an end user can solve, well up until now it wasn't. Now if apple could get off thier asses and fix this, that would be wonderful.

please keep ubuntu as up to date as possible, its bleeding edge and all, but this is a printer I have had for close to 10 years and nothing but the CUPS issue has caused it to mis-print.It would seem that somewhere along the line older printers got abandoned.I'm sure I'm not the only one with an older HP lying around.

I don't have an issue with build or install with Ibex. Current drivers have usually been the issue with Linux's not the other way around.I really don't understand what caused this issue.My printout SHOULD look as good as my screen, if not better.I can get lab quality 'wet' prints out of this machine if I wanted to.I have a photo of the same hanging on the wall from a few years ago.

the ink notification isn't working with this version, but seemingly as the photos come out ok, I really don't care. I can tell when I'm out of ink.