please upgrade php 5.1 to 5.2

Bug #123753 reported by Antonio on 2007-07-03
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Dapper Backports

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i nead this upgrade, thanks

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notromda (mortonda) wrote :

In light of the movement, I think it would be wise to backport 5.2, as all these projects are now stating that they will not support anything less than 5.2

Henrik Sjökvist (henrrrik) wrote :


I need this too.

Aapo Talvensaari (bngle) wrote :


Me too, :-).

Burn (burn0ut) wrote :


I'm going to need this backport too.

Marco Catunda (marcocatunda) wrote :

I have tried to use prevu command to backport php 5.2 from feisty and
the following error appeared:

 -> Considering libapr1-dev
   -> Trying libapr1-dev
       -> Cannot install libapr1-dev; apt errors follow:
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
E: Couldn't find package libapr1-dev
W: Unable to locate package libapr1-dev
E: Could not satisfy build-dependency.

Marco Catunda (marcocatunda) wrote :

But the libapr1-dev was successfuly build with prevu....

TheIdeaMan (theideaman) wrote :


Need strtotime() to function properly. Generates invalid dates more often than not (currently using ISO week formatted dates: 2007-W44).


VampyeBytes (vampyre-bytes-kol) wrote :


Why go for LTS if the most recent PHP is over a year old?
I thought LTS meant that my Dapper Server would still be support and receive appropriate upgrades and such over the lifetime of the support at the very least.

I would really rather not upgrade to Gutsy to get the latest PHP. I also don't wish to need to compile it myself.
But it really looks like those are my only options.

I mean "Bug #123753, first reported on 2007-07-03" and here it is 2007-12-16 .... I'm not holding my breath, I'm just extremely disappointed in the "Service" offered to those who chose LTS.

Marco Giorgetti (midimarcus) wrote :


In a production web server is not so simple to dist-upgrade without discontinuing services and/or reconfigure several services and settings.

loeppel (loeppel) wrote :


This is very important for many people running Web Servers, espacially on virutal servers with config software like plesk!

Frédéric Sheedy (fsheedy) wrote :

I need this too.

Gergo Lippai (lipilee) wrote :


Tim Keller (timkeller) wrote :


Desperate for this. We run Dapper due to its LTS nature but our custom php app needs 5.2+ for json_decode and encode.

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