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Ryan Harper (raharper) wrote :

No change to curtin here, it will use update-nvram, remove old loaders and reorder.

Looking at the output of the failed system I can see:

after grub-install efiboot settings
+ efibootmgr
BootOrder: 0000,0002,0001,0003,0004,0005,0006,0007,0008
Boot0000* ubuntu
Boot0001* Hard Disk 0
Boot0002* PXE Network
Boot0003 Enter Setup
Boot0004 Boot Devices
Boot0005 Boot Manager
Boot0006 Setup
Boot0007 Diagnostics
Boot0008 Firmware Log

Here we've added the ubuntu entry at 0000; and we know we booted via 0002 (PXE)
since this is maas. What we would expect to see is curtin do a reorder and here
it is in the log:

Running command ['unshare', '--fork', '--pid', '--', 'chroot', '/tmp/tmpggk7qppj/target', 'efibootmgr', '-v'] with allowed return codes [0] (capture=True)

Now, the reorder code logs if it is *not* reordering, and we do not see that in the output, so it must have attempted to reorder (as expected).

In the reorder code block we have:

    efi_output = util.get_efibootmgr(target)
    currently_booted = efi_output.get('current', None)
    boot_order = efi_output.get('order', [])
    if currently_booted:
        if currently_booted in boot_order:
        boot_order = [currently_booted] + boot_order
        new_boot_order = ','.join(boot_order)
            "Setting currently booted %s as the first "
            "UEFI loader.", currently_booted)
            "New UEFI boot order: %s", new_boot_order)
        with util.ChrootableTarget(target) as in_chroot:
            in_chroot.subp(['efibootmgr', '-o', new_boot_order])

The only path out of here that doesn't log is if the efi_output['current'] is not set.
But since we don't see additional calls to efibootmgr with -o to set the order then
it must have returned output that didn't have 'BootCurrent' set.

The efibootmgr -v output from Rod certainly shows BootCurrent, so this remains somewhat mysterious as to why we attempted to reorder but didn't find a BootCurrent value in the
efibootmgr -v output right after a grub install.