Comment 8 for bug 1735839

Andres Rodriguez (andreserl) wrote :

Marking this as invalid for MAAS provided that:

1. MAAS doesn't create the udev rules matching to disk names.
2. MAAS already sends UUID's to curtin, as to whether curtin uses them/new ones are created, I dont know.

That said, can you please explain the problem you are actually hitting? The explanation on the bug reports explains what you are wanting to achieve and why, but doesn't highlight what problem you are currently facing.

Also, since I believe you would be using juju, and MAAS already has a UUID attached to a disk which knows which dname it has, why shouldn't juju be using such information to provide you what you need, instead of having to request a uuid being created on the disk.

And lastly, since this is a feature request, should this really be tagged as 'field-*' ? IIRC, since this is not a regression or a proper bug, and this is a feature request for functionality that doesn't yet exist, this should be tagged as such.