Comment 3 for bug 1735839

Having dnames tied to wwids (/sys/class/block/<nvme-name>/wwid) would be a good solution it seems as currently there are no dname symlinks at all unless there is some form of a superblock present on a device.

The use-case for that is software (SDS like Ceph, databases etc.) which manages raw block devices and does not expect partition tables or any other superblocks on them and may error out or delete superblocks/ptables that are already present.

This happens with charm-based ceph deployments for example - charms error out if they detect a non-pristine device (the one that has some lower LBAs occupied by non-zero values). So pre-creating a partition table to trigger dname logic is not a universal workaround.

Juju storage also depends on /dev/disk/by-dname symlink availability as this is the only way to reliably retrieve a persistent device path from MAAS as cloud provider.