Comment 14 for bug 148454

I noticed this bug today, too, on a multiuser LTSP system running Gutsy.

Like others have said, ps doesn't show multiple processes of console-kit-daemon. In my case, htop showed a range of PIDs from about 6188 to about 6250 (somewhere along those lines), whereas ps only showed one single PID.

Out of curiosity, I tried killing one of the PIDs that wasn't listed in ps, and it closed down console-kit-daemon. I no longer saw the bunch of process in htop, nor did I see the single process in ps.

This may be an issue with the way console-kit-daemon handles threads, or it might be an issue with the way htop handles thread display in some cases. I'm not sure. I'm reluctant to say that it's a bug because when I checked /proc, I saw only the PID listed by ps. It seems better to trust /proc than htop, if differentiating between the two becomes necessary.