Comment 132 for bug 148454

A. Denton (aquina) wrote :

See #101 and #128, please. I suggested you to do nothing at all. The memory consumption has nothing to do with the bugs name "console-kit-daemon spawns too many threads" (comment #107, #108, #110, #116) in my opinion. And threads are not "expensive" when it comes to context changes. Also some people here seem not to understand the concept of virtual memory. The developer from pointed that out AFIR.

My opinion is still: do nothing at all. Neither is it worth the time nor is this bug from 2007-10-03 still an issue. The old UNIX system V init system is not the latest technology and superseded mostly although not exclusively by systemd. Additionally the latest stable kernel version is now 3.9.3 and in Ubuntu 10.04.x LTS its 3.2.0-xx LTS kernel (until 2016) or via LES (EnablementStack) its 3.5.0 and 3.8.0 from quantal and raring respectively.

I do not have the powers to change this bug to WONT FIX state. Someone here at Launchpad either give that permission to me or mark it as such, please.