Comment 104 for bug 148454

(In reply to comment #16)
> Any chance to see those useless processes go away in our lifetime?

They aren't processes, they are threads. And they serve a purpose.

The current behaviour might be suboptimal, but it is correct, as such it would be nice if this is fixed but we certainly have more burning issues to fix.

Also note that whatever the LP bug says about the 63 threads wasting oh so much resources, that is simply nonsense, the folks complaining have no clue what they are speaking of.

> If Alan gave up maintainership can someone please work on a fixed version of
> that ck autoconfigure patch, or something different, an hack, anything?

The stuff is in the kernel. It's just a matter of someone writing a patch for CK. Would be wonderful if you and your Ubuntu friends might contribute good code once in a while instead of just complaining for 3 years straight... ;-)

Anyway, I might come up with a patch eventually, but it is not a priority item on my todo list, sorry.