Comment 367 for bug 269904

Stephen M. Webb (bregma) wrote :

A Brief Note on Compiz Versions

The Ubuntu Compiz package version currently (2015-02-12) in trusty-proposed and which contains the fix is This is technically Compiz version with additional changes not yet merged upstream. The merge to upstream Compiz happens after the Ubuntu packages in the trusty-proposed pocket migrates to the trusty-updates pocket. Neither Compiz nor Compiz have been released by upstream yet regardless of how Ubuntu versions its packages, athough one of the devs incorrectly changed the Compiz version string to match the Ubuntu package version.

Ryan did in fact install the first Compiz package available for Ubuntu 14.04 that contains the fix for this bug. In this case, the bug fix was cherry-picked for the Compiz 0.9.11 branch from the main Compiz branch (which is at where it has already been released and tested.


- This bug is fixed in Compiz release (currently available in Ubuntu "Vivid Vervet")
- This bug has also been fixed in the Ubuntu package compiz-1:,
   currently in the trusty-proposed pocket and migrating soon to the trusty-updates pocket (and Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS)
- The fix for this bug will appear in Compiz release when it gets released in the near future