Comment 34 for bug 269904

I see different refreshing problems with intrepid:
- Everytime a new window or menu opens, for a short time I see artifacts of the background image or an old window.
- When viewing pictures with gthumb or gqview in fullscreen mode, the old image ist left behind when drawing a new one (even appears sometimes later when opening a new window, see above).
- In Ooo and Evolution while writing text or a new email, when I manually move the cursor with the arrow keys it leaves black bars on every position. The screen is refreshed correctly when i point and click somewhere else with the mousepointer. Especially this is really annoying!

I noticed one interesting thing: when I start compiz manually on startup, using FusionIcon, these problems do not occur. When compiz is started by ubuntu i.e. the visual effects settings, i get refresh problems. After disabling them by visual effect settings and reactivating them again, I still experience artifacts. But when i use FusionIcon, all refreshing problems are gone. I could not figure out, what the difference between starting compiz via FusionIcon or by visual effects settings is.