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ksamak (ksamak) wrote :

Hi all compiz people.

We at hypra are preparing a desktop, based on debian/mate, aimed at providing maximum accessibility for impaired people.
We use compiz, for visual features related to visual impairement.

We humbly present our modest contribution. We added vertical and horizontal mouse guides to the showmouse plugin. It was a feature request from one of our clients.
With this, the user can set the number of circular emiters to zero, and add thickness to the bars. When activated (mod4-k), compiz can draw the circular emmiters, the guides, or both.

I've had the chance to talk to several gnome-desktop people, and i've also talked with didrocks at FOSDEM. We'd hope to continue working on compiz, and are currently bringing it back in debian, with ubuntu as upstream.

We are of course listening for any request from you, regarding coding style, legal issues, beer drinking, whatever.
ksamak on freenode/#ubuntu-desktop