The NEWS are totally incomplete, many fixed bugs are missing, while others are repeated twice and the highlights are completely missing

Bug #1203993 reported by MC Return on 2013-07-23
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Bug Description

While over 100 bugs have been fixed, the NEWS file does not mention most of them and lists just a few:

While listing just those few bugs, those below are duplicated, I do not even want to start guessing why:

1165343 - Windows are placed with titlebar obscured by Unity menubar.
1165343 - Windows are placed with titlebar obscured by Unity menubar.

1188900 - Provide acceptance tests for the decor and place plugins
1188900 - Provide acceptance tests for the decor and place plugins

Who did proofread this ?

Also no human readable summary of the highlights are published this time at all,
which would be these (up to 07-06-2013, 15 days of merges are missing):

Release, Highlights:

* Compiz, general:
Compiz now shows a busy cursor during the application startup stage.
Manipulations in CCSM and enabling/disabling plugins should be *more* stable now.
Increased icon resolutions.
Compatibility with KDE 4.11.
Removal of a huge chunk of redundant files from the source.
Code style, performance and stability improvements all around.
Cleanup of code and files (used in CCSM).
Improved testsuite and lots of new testcases.

* For contributors:
Added a configuration file for Qt Creator, which adjusts C++ indentation style
to be the same that is used in the Compiz project (X11, mixed spaces and tabs).

* gtk-window-decorator:
Easier resize-grab of titlebars (extended invisible borders).

* Annotate:
Use GL_LINE_LOOP to draw the rectangle outline as glRecti is not supported on

* Cube Addon:
The user can now choose between (for top/bottom caps):
1. Do not draw a cube cap face at all ("Draw top/bottom face" option disabled).
2. Use color and opacity specified in "Desktop Cube" (empty images list).
3. Use a texture for the cap (image is in the list, which is default).

* Expo:
Fixed inactive viewports saturation setting being ignored.
Let's "fade to grey"...
Do not force "One wall per output" on the user, if his displays use different
"One big wall" makes a lot of sense for many multi-screen configs, where not
all of the screens have exactly the same resolution, so if the user explicitely
chooses this mode, Compiz now respects the user's choice.

* EZoom:
Enabled GL_BLEND for the zoom box to fix transparency issues.
Made outline and fill color and transparency of the zoom box configurable.
Outline width is 2.0 for the zoom box as well now.
(same like for grid preview and screenshot selector outlines)
Fixed zoom box damage handling.

* Grid:
Prevent center and corner gridded windows from jumping viewports.
Prevent top and bottom gridded windows from jumping viewports by making those
semi-maximize horizontally.
Now "Strg+Super+Down" will restore top and bottom gridded windows correctly as
well (Ubuntu).
Multiple gridding to top, bottom, left or right will not overwrite the stored
original size anymore.
Restore windows also if Expo is active.
Allow size cycling for all gridded windows if explicitly specified by the user.
Forbid cycling through different sizes for corner and center-gridded windows
also per default, making behaviour consistent.
Fixed segfault in Compiz when unchecking "Snap windows back to original size".
This option now fully works and will snap back windows to current size, if they
are dragged off via mouse.
Fixed segfault in Compiz when unchecking "Snapoff Maximized/Semi-maximized Wins".
This option is now removed, as this setting is configurable via "Move" plugin.
The snapoff threshold global setting is now configurable instead of hardcoded.
Fixed broken cursor y-coordinate calculation.
Fixed window placement cursor calculation for non-original-size-restored windows.
Made sure grid-maximizing will never overwrite the windows' original size.
Fixed the weird positioning (50, 50) when restoring mouse-grid-maximized windows
via keyboard.
Put Corners/Edges setting into own tab.
New tab named "Resize Actions".
Removed hardcoded SNAPOFF_THRESHOLD and made it configurable.
Fixed window misplacement if a window is restored but the size doesn't change.

* Move:
Implemented options to configure "Snapoff Distance", "Snapback Semimaximized
Windows" and "Snapback Distance".
Implemented a strategy to snap off horizontally maximized windows by dragging
them along the x axis.
Implemented snapping back of horizontally maximized windows and fixed the
snapping for vertically maximized windows (wrong cursor calculation).

* Opacify:
"Toggle Opacify on by default" setting is not ignored anymore.

* Put:
Added "move window to previous monitor" feature.

* Resizeinfo:
Added option for bold/normal font, default is still bold.

* Ring Switcher:
Implemented "Vertical Offset" option with a default of 50 pixels.
This allows the CCSM user to easily and exactly configure where the window title
text should be displayed.

* Screenshot:
Added option to disable the drawing of the screenshot selection indicator.
Added options to change color and opacity of the outline and the filling of the
rectangle indicator, default colors have not been changed.

* Shift Switcher:
Created a "Switcher Mode" tab and moved Flip/Cover mode settings there.
Created a subgroup for mouse-specific settings.
Implemented new option to adjust the vertical offset of the text placement and
fixed vertical placement calculation for top and bottom positions.
The default offset is 50 pixels now.

* Wall:
Fixed the broken wall edge flipping functions "Edge Flip Pointer" and "Edge Flip

* Workspacenames:
New Feature:
Implemented option to adjust vertical offset for top and bottom of screen
workspacename placement. Set the default offset to 50 pixel.

MC Return (mc-return) on 2013-07-24
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importance: Undecided → High
Stephen M. Webb (bregma) on 2014-11-18
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importance: High → Medium
Will Cooke (willcooke) on 2015-08-12
Changed in compiz:
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