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Bug #1534175: scp/rsync autocomplete can hang if command-not-found enabled Undecided New 123 weeks

From: Jonathan
Link: command-not-found_isatty.patch


Bug #1480388: command-not-found fails when user-installed python3 is in PATH Undecided New 147 weeks

From: Matthew Bergkoetter
Link: command-not-found

Modified command-not-found with a suggested fix

Bug #730013: fail to update the cache Undecided Incomplete 228 weeks

From: derBert
Link: update-command-not-found.patch


Bug #1131937: command-not-fonud crashes if bad locale set in LANG Undecided New 274 weeks

From: Jarosław Kubik
Link: command-not-found.diff


Bug #997769: on ubuntu server 12.04, whenever I invoke a program it gives the following output Undecided New 299 weeks

From: Sergey Ponomarev
Link: command.patch


Bug #977695: Possible to crash command-not-found if ctrl+c is sent really really early Undecided New 320 weeks

From: Chris Tandiono
Link: patch.txt


Bug #821710: command-not-found doesn't print for aptitude Wishlist Confirmed 355 weeks

From: Sorokin Alexei
Link: CommandNotFound.patch

Here is my vision how to do it

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