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Bug #992481: collective.recipe.filestorage does not detect zope parts if zeo-address differs Undecided New 359 weeks

From: Tim

Bug #721186: plone.recipe.zeoserver has no way to specify TMPDIR Undecided New 422 weeks

From: Toni Mueller

updated patch to ignore the option if no value was specified

Bug #674437: Plone.recipe.zope2instance 4.0.5 don't install services automatic Undecided New 435 weeks

From: Rohit

This patch contains diff of and

Bug #614396: collective.recipe.template's input cannot be downloaded Undecided New 447 weeks

From: Łukasz Nowak
Link: collective.recipe.template.allow.check.file.existence.during.install.not.init.patch.diff


Bug #440902: Add language support to collective.recipe.plonesite Undecided New 493 weeks

From: Juan Pablo Giménez
Link: lang_support_plonesite.patch


Bug #433501: Omelette should use mklink on Windows Vista/7 Undecided New 495 weeks

From: Kyle MacFarlane
Link: 0001-Added-support-for-mklink-on-NT6-systems.patch

Added support for mklink on NT6 systems

Bug #427878: Add temporary storage support for collective.recipe.filestorage and plone.recipe.zope2zeoserver Undecided New 496 weeks

From: Jean Jordaan
Link: tempstorage-patch.diff


Bug #409296: Add virtual mount point support for collective.recipe.filestorage Undecided New 499 weeks

From: Jean Jordaan
Link: collective.recipe.filestorage-zodb-mountpoint.patch

Cater for either zodb-mountpoint or zodb-mounted-object, zodb-mountpoint-container, zodb-realhome.

Bug #408125: RelStorage and PostgreSQL without 'dsn' parameter remove all other keys Undecided New 502 weeks

From: Rudá Porto Filgueiras
Link: patch-rel-storage-postgresql-without-dsn.diff

Patch rel-storage postgresql without dsn

Bug #302584: collective.recipe.updateplone won't work on Windows Undecided New 538 weeks

From: danilogbotelho

Bug #287543: collective.recipe.filestorage needs to lowercase "storage" ids Undecided New 543 weeks

From: auspex
Link: collective.recipe.filestorage.patch


Bug #273406: patch to include negative_ttl in plone.recipe.squid Undecided New 547 weeks

From: Matt
Link: plone.recipe.squid.patch


Bug #257644: not patched properly by plone.recipe.zope2instance Undecided Incomplete 553 weeks

From: Dylan Jay
Link: zope2instance.patch


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