Comment 7 for bug 645904

ToniMueller (support-oeko) wrote :

I forgot to add the buildout snippet to create the directories:

I had to use this:

recipe = collective.recipe.filestorage
location = var/filestorage/Data%(fs_part_name)s.fs
zodb-mountpoint = /%(fs_part_name)s/mnt:/db/mnt
blob-storage = var/blobstorage-%(fs_part_name)s
parts =

I added this to the end of my 'parts' list:

recipe = plone.recipe.command

command =
 cd ${buildout:directory}/var
 alldirs="`ls -d blobstorage*`"
 for i in $alldirs; do
     mkdir $i/tmp

This then makes all the 'blobstorage*/tmp' directories that are required for uploading images.