Comment 6 for bug 645904

ToniMueller (support-oeko) wrote :

Nope. I have tried both using the shared-blobstorage and not using it, but I always arrived at some kind of problem. Trying to add an Image (ATImage) with

shared-blob = off:

   * Module transaction._transaction, line 250, in savepoint
    * Module transaction._transaction, line 647, in __init__
    * Module ZODB.Connection, line 1128, in savepoint
    * Module ZODB.Connection, line 606, in _commit
    * Module ZODB.Connection, line 651, in _store_objects
    * Module ZODB.Connection, line 1293, in storeBlob
    * Module ZODB.Connection, line 1322, in _getBlobPath
    * Module ZODB.Connection, line 1335, in temporaryDirectory
    * Module ZEO.ClientStorage, line 1061, in temporaryDirectory

AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'temp_dir'

With shared-blob = on I also had to create the blobstorage-NN/tmp directories manually, as they were not automatically created. Trying to create an image to a ZEO-mounted Plone site would result in a traceback. After creating them, I receive this error:

Traceback (innermost last):

    * Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 135, in publish
    * Module Zope2.App.startup, line 291, in commit
    * Module transaction._manager, line 93, in commit
    * Module transaction._transaction, line 322, in commit
    * Module transaction._transaction, line 419, in _commitResources
    * Module ZODB.Connection, line 767, in tpc_vote
    * Module ZEO.ClientStorage, line 1068, in tpc_vote
    * Module ZEO.ClientStorage, line 905, in _check_serials

IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/path/to/plone/buildout/var/blobstorage-04/tmp/0x00/0x00/0x00/0x00/0x00/0x00/0x1d/0x92/0x00cyWGX5.tmp-'

when trying to upload an image. The last part, and the name of the blob-storage dir, change, according to the specifics of the site used and the image I'm trying to upload, but the characteristics always stay the same. A find in the buildout dir shows this:
$ find var/blobstorage-04/tmp/

And that's it... (bug in ZEO? in Plone?).