Comment 10 for bug 551811

buzzdee (sebastia) wrote :

ok, tested on windows, and got the same behaviour as mentioned above.

now in svn revision 2816 I check for the existence of starkit::topdir variable, and if it exists, then I copy the cacerts file from $starkit::topdir if it not exists, from the $appDir as when running from sources.

If that works out, maybe additionally I should add a catch statement to prevent the exception for other edge cases.

svn revision 2817 contains tcltls updates for windows to tcltls 1.6 and Linux x86 to tcltls 1.5. Linux is only 1.5 because there is no binary available for 1.6 release.

At least on OpenBSD I have tcltls 1.5 and there the validation works well.