Comment 12 for bug 507360

> Then having four tabs in the dialog:
> * General
>     * nickname configuration
>     * subscriptions
> * Groups
>     * managing the groups
> * Notes
>     * just the notes
> * Contact Actions
>     * managing the contact actions, integrating the actual tabs in a subframe of the tab

+1. There is one thing that needs to be solved though: how to set
contact actions for a whole group instead of 1 individual contact? Do
you think this is advanced functionality that should be dropped to
make Coccinella more userfriendly?

> When the notes are removed from the View business card, then the "save" button could be removed there too.

+1. However, I think there should be a link in the business card
dialog to open the Notes tab of the Edit Contact dialog. The View
Business Card dialog then becomes read-only which is more natural for
a "View" dialog.

> Also the notes could also stay there, and may just be available in two places afterwards.


> regarding comment #8: I'm fine with your proposal, but maybe also "dumb"
> uses may have the idea to send a message to another online resource of
> their own. Whereas the key combination may be too tricky (also if we add
> a hint to the TOTD)

A key combination is enough. It will be still possible to add a GUI to
enable this later, but I don't think this will be needed; I've never
seen questions like this in the forum.

> regarding comment #9: It works for me with the Two lines style, what
> problem do you have there?

If I add a contact to multiple groups and save the edits, the new
groups appear in my roster *without* the contact in it. If I relogin,
all groups are gone, but if I open the edit contact dialog it shows
the current groups correctly.