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Mats (matsben) wrote : Re: [Bug 145627] Re: Tip of the day/welcome screen

On 9/28/07, sander <email address hidden> wrote:
> Early feedback:
> * Replace /Do not show this any more/Show tips on startup/
> * Also add the option "Show tips on startup
> * Replace /Tip of the day/Useful tips/
> * Replace /Cancel/Ok/
> * Add navigation buttons for the tips
> * Add support for clickable URLs inside the tip texts (to add a link to a
> page on the website with more information)
> * Show the new Coccinella icon somewhere: on the left/right, or maybe in the
> background as a watermark
No background image in text widgets. Else I don't see a place for it. Where?
> * Disable this feature for 0.96.4 and enable it after this release (in that
> way we have plenty of time to create more tips, improve the quality of tips,
> and have multiple high-quality translations)
Need to remember this.
> * Maybe use the same dialog _layout_ for the update check dialog?
The update check is best to have separate. Besides, the totd comes
autoupdate is delayed.
> * Add support for lists, italic text, bold text, etc (maybe use Tkhtml3 for
> this?:
Eventually this is the way to go, but right now I don't want to add
more complexity.