Comment 0 for bug 775219

This page is to plug into the being developed /developers page

The ideas is that it just is documentation of the API and has tests of it.

The "CreatinMix API" should be spelled "CreationMix API".

First off, there is a menu on the top of the page:
* API Documentation
* Create an App
* Feeds
* Community

All of those links go to the same page, the current one...

This page currently has:

What is CreationMix?

[ some text ]

CreationMix API

[ some text ]
* "API Documentation", link to a long list of the documentation
* "API Tests" link to tests of each api call...if can be on the same documentation page, then great.

Authorize Your App

* need to be logged in for this to work on the main page.
** Does it make sense for this to be on the main CM site then? I think it might. I need opinion here.
* one logged in users can register multiple accounts
* need a listing of registered apps here
** next to each, need to de-authorize the app with a button


Now, back to the top menu. If there pages that can be linked to from API Documentation, then link it. For "Create an App" should change to "Your Apps" and/or "Authorize Your App" Should be the same on the main guides page and in the menu, then I have no idea what should be in Feeds. I think should rename that page to Examples, and give 3 examples of using the API.

Community should be renamed "Developer Community" and link to

The order of the menu items in the menu should be:

* Guides (main page)
* API Documentation
* API Examples
* API Tests
* Your Apps
* Developer Community

Ok? This needs to be done, like yesterday. Also, documentation how these pages can be updated should go up on the with username/passwords for the admin there on the main page or an accounts page.