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Bug #1968329: cloudinit fails with duplicate mac address on tunnel interfaces Undecided Incomplete 6 weeks

From: Kirill Ma
Link: net_init.patch


Bug #1153626: Multiple Interfaces and IPs not detected in AWS VPC Medium Triaged 150 weeks

From: Gaƫtan Duchaussois
Link: ec2_multiple_ips.patch


Bug #1799544: package-update-upgrade-install does not work on Gentoo Medium Triaged 187 weeks

From: Gilles Dartiguelongue
Link: 0001-Fix-Gentoo-package-installation-command.patch


Bug #1785275: cloud-init pre-networking fails if kernel cmdline defines static ip Medium Fix Committed 195 weeks

From: Kevin
Link: 0001-change-none-to-static-for-ip-address-in-GRUB_CMDLINE.patch


Bug #1771145: Hostname changes after every reboot with OpenNebula Medium Triaged 210 weeks

From: Corey Melanson

Bug #1753558: NoCloud data source is mis-using the "system-serial-number" SMBIOS field, should use "OEM Strings" instead Medium Confirmed 220 weeks

From: Daniel Berrange
Link: 0001-NoCloud-support-seed-of-nocloud-from-SMBIOS-OEM-stri.patch

Proof of concept impl using OEM strings

Bug #1594576: cc_salt_minion behaves badly if apt-get update fails Medium Triaged 309 weeks

From: Ross Vandegrift
Link: cc-salt-minion-skip-install.diff

add knob to disable salt-minion installation

Bug #1536706: rh_subscription plugin attemps connection even when no config is provided Low Confirmed 319 weeks

From: Lars Kellogg-Stedman
Link: 0009-make-rh_subscription-a-no-op-if-no-config-is-provide.patch


Bug #1521079: can't install requirements by Makefile Medium Confirmed 328 weeks

From: Keisuke Se
Link: Makefile.patch


Bug #1396362: Support UID and GID specification in user and group definitions Low Triaged 355 weeks

From: Chris Vigelius
Link: cloud_init_uid_gid.diff


Bug #1461201: Check for systemd (in distros/ is fragile Low Confirmed 364 weeks

From: Lars Kellogg-Stedman
Link: 0001-detect-systemd-using-sd_booted-semantics.patch


Bug #1424710: CentOS 7: update-hostname always overwrites hostname Medium Confirmed 378 weeks

From: Brian Rak
Link: centos-7-hostname.patch


Bug #1404060: SSH keys not updated correctly when sshd_config "AuthorizedKeysFile" contains multiple values Medium Triaged 387 weeks

From: Alex Gottschalk
Link: 1404060-1.patch


Bug #1341508: systemd detection on Enterprise Linux needs to look for clones Low Confirmed 406 weeks

From: alphacc
Link: 1341508.patch

Fix for el7 clones; SL and CentOS.

Bug #1345433: cloud-init network error when using MAAS/juju Medium Confirmed 407 weeks

From: HeinMueck
Link: upstart-jobs-u.diff

Patch for upstart jobs

Bug #1236883: data source config drive doesn't use the Admin Pass given by OpenStack Low Triaged 431 weeks

From: Anthony Woods
Link: use_admin_pass.patch

Patch to use admin_pass from datasource if it is available

Bug #1020695: Add variable for local IP address to /etc/hosts manager Low Triaged 500 weeks

From: Peter Sankauskas
Link: bug-1020695-hosts-ubuntu-12.04.patch


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