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Dan Watkins (oddbloke) wrote :

When it runs on each boot, specifically in the init stages (i.e. when the `cloud-init-local.service` and `cloud-init.service` systemd units run), cloud-init executes `ensure_file`[0] on `/var/log/cloud-init.log` and in so doing resets the permissions to 644.

I am fairly confident that this resetting of the permissions is not intentional; I can't think of a compelling reason to do that, so I expect we can stop doing it.

I believe the fix is fairly simple: `write_file` (which `ensure_file` uses) has a `preserve_mode` parameter which defaults to `False`. We should expose that in `ensure_file` and pass `preserve_mode=True` when calling `ensure_file` for `cloud-init.log`. Then it will be created
world-readable if it does not already exist, but its permissions will not be modified if it does.