Comment 0 for bug 1846535


After deployment of Ubuntu Bionic image on MAAS provider (deploying to a bare metal server) juju cannot access any deployed machine due to missing SSH keys and machines are stuck in pending state:

$ juju ssh 0
ERROR retrieving SSH host keys for "0": keys not found

$ juju machines
Machine State DNS Inst id Series AZ Message
0 pending block-3 bionic AZ3 Deployed
1 pending block-2 bionic AZ2 Deployed
2 pending block-1 bionic AZ1 Deployed
3 pending object-2 bionic AZ1 Deployed
4 pending object-1 bionic AZ2 Deployed
5 pending object-3 bionic AZ3 Deployed

It worth mentioning that pods can be successfully deployed with MAAS, only bare metal deployment fails.

We checked different bionic images: cloud-init 19.2.24 works, and cloud-init 19.2.36 doesn't.