Comment 1 for bug 1805854

Scott Moser (smoser) wrote :


We have two possible paths here:
a.) make 'default' use the 'search/primary' list:
 - http://%(ec2_region)
 - http://%(availability_zone)
 - http://%(region)

b.) add a 'arches: [armhf, armel]' that uses the above search list
and leave the 'default' to fall back to

The choice is based on whether or not the infrastructure at
 * and *
support arches other than armhf and armel..

I suspect that they do support arm64, but do they support others?
 * yes:
 * no:

Also relevant is the question of whether or not we want to have
user's mirror selection change through an SRU. Even though the
official mirrors may support it, the customer may have put up
a '' mirror and even dns-hijacked that, but
their infrastrucutre likely would not support requests to or .