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Bug #1759318 reported by Chad Smith on 2018-03-27
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Chad Smith

Bug Description

This bug tracks cloud-init upstream release of version 18.2.

== Release Notes ==
Hello All,

Cloud-init release 18.2 is now available.

The 18.2 release:
 * spanned just over 1 month.
 * had 9 contributors from 6 domains.
 * Fixed 16 issues.

 - New clouds support: IBMCloud and HetznerCloud now have official datasources
   OpenTelekomCloud is recognized as OpenStack by ds-identify
 - Upstream FreeBSD support
 - Azure pre-provisioning speed improvements
 - New ubuntu cloud-config modules for managing snaps and ubuntu-advantage services
 - puppet 4 support

== ChangeLog ==
    - Hetzner: Exit early if dmi system-manufacturer is not Hetzner.
    - Add missing dependency on isc-dhcp-client to trunk ubuntu packaging.
      (LP: #1759307)
    - FreeBSD: resizefs module now able to handle zfs/zpool.
      [Dominic Schlegel] (LP: #1721243)
    - cc_puppet: Revert regression of puppet creating ssl and ssl_cert
    - Enable IBMCloud datasource in
    - IBMCloud: Initial IBM Cloud datasource.
    - tests: remove jsonschema from xenial tox environment.
    - tests: Fix newly added schema unit tests to skip if no jsonschema.
    - ec2: Adjust ec2 datasource after exception_cb change.
    - Reduce AzurePreprovisioning HTTP timeouts.
      [Douglas Jordan] (LP: #1752977)
    - Revert the logic of exception_cb in read_url.
      [Kurt Garloff] (LP: #1702160, #1298921)
    - ubuntu-advantage: Add new config module to support
    - Handle global dns entries in netplan (LP: #1750884)
    - Identify OpenTelekomCloud Xen as OpenStack DS.
      [Kurt Garloff] (LP: #1756471)
    - datasources: fix DataSource subclass get_hostname method signature
      (LP: #1757176)
    - OpenNebula: Update network to return v2 config rather than ENI.
      [Akihiko Ota]
    - Add Hetzner Cloud DataSource
    - net: recognize iscsi root cases without ip= on kernel command line.
      (LP: #1752391)
    - tests: fix flakes warning for unused variable
    - tests: patch leaked stderr messages from snap unit tests
    - cc_snap: Add new module to install and configure snapd and snap
    - tests: Make pylint happy and fix python2.6 uses of assertRaisesRegex.
    - netplan: render bridge port-priority values (LP: #1735821)
    - util: Fix subp regression. Allow specifying subp command as a string.
      (LP: #1755965)
    - doc: fix all warnings issued by 'tox -e doc'
    - FreeBSD: Set hostname to FQDN. [Dominic Schlegel] (LP: #1753499)
    - tests: fix run_tree and bddeb
    - tests: Fix some warnings in tests that popped up with newer python.
    - set_hostname: When present in metadata, set it before network bringup.
      (LP: #1746455)
    - tests: Centralize and re-use skipTest based on json schema presense.
    - This commit fixes get_hostname on the AzureDataSource.
      [Douglas Jordan] (LP: #1754495)
    - shellify: raise TypeError on bad input.
    - Make salt minion module work on FreeBSD.
      [Dominic Schlegel] (LP: #1721503)
    - Simplify some comparisions. [Rémy Léone]
    - Change some list creation and population to literal. [Rémy Léone]
    - GCE: fix reading of user-data that is not base64 encoded. (LP: #1752711)
    - doc: fix chef install from apt packages example in RTD.
    - Implement puppet 4 support [Romanos Skiadas] (LP: #1446804)
    - subp: Fix subp usage with non-ascii characters when no system locale.
      (LP: #1751051)
    - salt: configure grains in grains file rather than in minion config.
      [Daniel Wallace]

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Chad Smith (chad.smith) on 2018-03-27
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Chad Smith (chad.smith) on 2018-03-27
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Chad Smith (chad.smith) on 2018-03-27
description: updated

This bug is believed to be fixed in cloud-init in 18.2. If this is still a problem for you, please make a comment and set the state back to New

Thank you.

Changed in cloud-init:
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