Comment 1 for bug 1716773

Scott Moser (smoser) wrote :

An explanation of what happened here:
 a.) in local mode we did 'instancify()' which (through _reflect_cur_instance) did a '_write_to_cache'. At this poing .network_config had never been called, so the DataSourceAzure did not have the ._network_config property set and thus not stored.
 b.) main called init.apply_network_config(). This ends up calling 'network_config' on the datasource, which sets the ._network_config.
 c.) stages exits because 'if mode == sources.DSMODE_LOCAL'

nothing writes to cache again, so the '._network_config()' never got set.

The easiest solution is to just throw another '._write_to_cache' in before exiting there.