Comment 0 for bug 1690430

We are in the process of rolling out SR-IOV in Azure (available as a preview now, contact me offline and we can work out getting your subscription addedif you want to try it). In general our normal synthetic interface appears as eth0 and the VF comes in as eth1. We intend to bond these interfaces together so that if the VF goes down, or the VM is migrated to where no VF is present, eth0 remains as the valid default interface.

At the moment we are handling the bonding via this script:

We were looking at ways to either integrate the behavior into cloud-init or invoke the script from cloud-init and do the right thing.

We recently observed after that the VF interface gets renamed to something like "enP1p0s2" but more recently as "rename2".

Is it possible that 1669860 needs to be expanded to cover our case or is there something we should be doing to make sure that change is working properly for SR-IOV in Azure?