Comment 9 for bug 1660385

Simon Leinen (simon-leinen) wrote :

Following up on my last comment: I now understand why cloud-init on our Ubuntu OpenStack images tries to use EC2 metadata rather than OpenStack metadata; the diskimage-builder (DIB) tool puts the following in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/91-dib-cloud-init-datasource.cfg:

  datasource_list: [ Ec2, None ]

When I add "OpenStack, " in front of that list and reboot, then the warning message disappears (but the datasource change also causes the SSH host key to change, which is a bit annoying).

I'll raise this with the upstream diskimage-builder project. I assume that they prefer the EC2 datastore for a reason, so I'll suggest to add the configuration with the "strict_id: false" attribute to the generated images.