Comment 0 for bug 1571004

Scott Moser (smoser) wrote :

Currently cloud-init is applying networking on every boot.
On 'local' data sources that provides network information this is great.
On any other datasource:
  * local datasource without networking info
  * network based datasource

then the fallback networking is rendered on every boot.
In the scenario:
 a.) boot instance
 b.) fallback networking picks eth0.cfg and that is fine
 c.) attach network device
 d.) reboot

things can get hairy.

The suggested change is to only apply the networking configuration once per instance.
This is less dynamic and less surprising.

ie, if a user modifies /etc/network/interfaces.d/my.cfg and adds to or improves on the fallback (or unconfigures the fallback) then their changes might not interact well.