Comment 5 for bug 1374115

trialotto (trialotto) wrote :


I think you know why I stated that the ResourceDisk.Format variable is a remarkable explanation for specific behaviour of waagent.

It must also be clear why I (also) stated that some parts of the waagent script are rather obsolete or unnecessary.

A huge part of the waagent script can be discarded when allowing cloud-init to do the work, including those parts of the waagent script that are aiming on specific distro´s, since cloud-init also takes care of distro-specific code.

However, allowing cloud-init do to all the work, will only become a huge advantage if

1 - the corresponding (Azure) Datasource can be written to, AND/OR
2 - waagent.conf is designed to be an addition (i.e. customizable extension) to a (for security reasons non-writeable) Datasource,

with Datasource referring to the file used by cloud-init.

Is option 2 achievable? And how can I test that?

Finally, note that the introduction of cloud-init version 0.7.6 in the Ubuntu images would be desirable: this version of cloud-init works fine in Trusty (14.04.1 LTS) and also has the option to create swap with (advanced) cloud-config settings.

Can this new cloud-init version be introduced?

Kind regards.....