Comment 3 for bug 1374115

trialotto (trialotto) wrote :


The mount location CAN be changed by setting

- ResourceDisk.Format=y (instead of "n") AND
- ResourceDisk.MountPoint=/opt (or any other directory, instead of /mnt)

in waagent.conf.

The change becomes effective after a shutdown and start-up sequence (and I assume the same applies to a normal restart).

The mount location cannot be changed, if and only if ResourceDisk.Format=n.

Also note that the ResourceDisk.MountPoint variable in waagent.conf can be blank, in which case the standard mount point will be used by cloud-init, being "/mnt".

All the above already leaves the question why ResourceDisk.MountPoint should be present in waagent.conf, given that

- most of the work is done by cloud-init and cloud-config settings,
- the ResourceDisk.MountPoint is only working in combination with ResourceDisk.Format=y,
- the specification of mount points should not be limited to only the resource (ephemeral) disk,

and so on.

In essence, the Azure Datasource, used by cloud-init, should be able to push some flexible configuration of variables to cloud-init.

As a result, a desire to change many variables will require that

1 - a (huge) number of variables is added to waagent.conf, with corresponding code in waagent script, OR
2 - the Azure Datasource should be WRITEABLE, allowing the change of cloud-config settings without specifying CustomData at provisioning time and (therefore) the changed cloud-config settings becoming effective at shut-down and start-up sequences,

and, to be honest, the proper and efficient way of doing things should be method 2.

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