Comment 2 for bug 1573835

Greg Mason (gmason) wrote :

It seems that this issue is more serious than just dhclient. It appears to affect the whole system.

When adding an arm64 VM to juju 1.25.5, juju hooks will run for a while, then either stop or die. Logging into the VM, various operations seem to be hit-or-miss in terms of what will actually run. While juju install hooks are (supposedly) running, if I run top, I just get a blank screen, or top does nothing (i.e. it hangs when I try to run it).

After running /etc/init.d/apparmor teardown, the vm starts to behave a little better, but juju is still unable to complete a run of its install hooks. The expected behavior here would be for juju's hook scripts to complete or error, not keep running.

I've got a couple of these instances I can make available for debugging purposes, and can probably reproduce such an environment relatively.