Comment 4 for bug 1298247

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: milestone-proposed

commit 6d29278f05aafdbb9b0165178866e4a05fb534f0
Author: Li Min Liu <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Apr 1 17:08:37 2014 +0800

    Change iogrp property when retyping for Storwize/SVC

    If need migration when retyping, Storwize/SVC driver will add a copy
    of the volume first, and then start a task to check volume sync
    progress which will run each 10 mins. At last delete the origin copy
    when sync finished.

    But iogrp property is not a parameter of addvdiskcopy, so the iogrp
    of the copy volume is the same as the origin. If iogrp property is
    diff between the old and new volume type, the property will not
    change when retyped.

    Change-Id: Ie4414bcf95fa6e61d7d618618f48837eef740da4
    closed-bug: #1298247
    (cherry picked from commit 5c336123d3252e7fc4e1aeabd853457ab05838be)