Comment 11 for bug 1238085

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 1cd362630655798e5ff4c058b3f44862ae61c801
Author: Navneet Singh <email address hidden>
Date: Sun Oct 20 18:30:36 2013 +0530

    Brick connector revised fix for NFS drivers

    This change fixes the error that comes
    while getting brick connector and attaching volumes
    in case of NFS drivers in cinder. The attribute for
    mount point base was not passed to attach_volume method
    as the connector initialization logic is common for all
    types of protocols. It is fixed by populating
    the required parameter in the RemoteFsConnector
    by extracting it from connection properties. The infrastructure
    for fixing this situation for remote fs drivers is implemented
    in this fix. The drivers need to override the method
    _get_mount_point_base in their implementation. NFS driver
    implements it. GlusterFs implementation of the method to follow
    in a separate patch. Hence marking it partial fix.

    Change-Id: Id61a437fca1870529fa8b85f7fc2f73eae665294
    Partial-Bug: #1238085