Comment 2 for bug 1236891

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 2451a027bee50c834890f9e049fbaf4bfa911546
Author: Kartik Bommepally <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Oct 8 06:33:33 2013 -0700

    VMware: Disallow snapshot of attached volume

    The current implementation perform snapshot of attached volume.
    This is invalid because when we take snapshot of the backing, the instance
    continues pointing to the readonly delta and tries writing to it.
    This patch will disallow snapshot creation of attached volume.

    We have similar issue with delete of snapshot, when deleted the instance will
    point to an invalid disk file, since that will get merged with its parent.
    Hence any writes by the instance will fail with disk not found error.
    This patch will ignore delete snapshot of attached volume.

    Since we disallow snapshot of attached volume, we disallow linked clone of
    attached source volume and also upload of attached volume.

    Fixes bug: 1236891

    Change-Id: I6a91eac8529836d1fe1de73bf6b28ec098aa7c54