Comment 2 for bug 1227837

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 5d499395ac8028f4863e9a892453a197b254d384
Author: John Griffith <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Sep 19 13:05:05 2013 -0600

    Fix type change in bootable setting of volume view

    Change Idd47a0a8069ee905b81c7aae562b82767ad91930 fixed a db
    query issue, by removing the image_metadata querie in the get/show

    The problem however is that we just passed the setting from the volume
    object directly in the summary view builder. This results in changing
    the type of the value from a string "true/false" to a bool True/False
    which is no good.

    This patch converts the object member back to a string like it used to
    be so we don't break any compat or expectations in API behavior.

    Fixes bug #1227837

    Change-Id: I55c0e25134ae429802ddf313d6d26f1fad19ca94