Comment 1 for bug 1102819

Daniel Manrique (roadmr) wrote :

OK, so first I ran /usr/share/checkbox/scripts/pts_run unigine-tropics. As you say, this exited with no text or warning as to what had happened.

Looking at the pts_run code, this is how it's designed to run. If any of the commands returns an error, the script will just silently exit.

Could you please manually run these commands, to see the error phoronix-test-suite is having?

phoronix-test-suite batch-benchmark unigine-sanctuary

Please attach any console output you see here. In my case, it failed because it couldn't contact the phoronix server to download the test definition since I'm behind a proxy. Failure to compile the test would also cause errors and failures.

Also, I found a dependency on ia32-libs for the unigine tests. If you want these tests to run, we will need to add this to the checkbox-ihv-graphics dependencies and rebuild the packages and the tarballs.

So depending on what your results are we need to:

- Add dependencies on ia32-libs.
- Potentially flesh out the script to compensate for phoronix's "fragility" and reliance on the network.