Comment 9 for bug 1296965

Jeff Lane (bladernr) wrote :

<zyga> bladernr: what needs to happen there? is it a packaging issue (misisng iperf) or config issue (missing config for one of the tests)
<bladernr> Oh there are a couple things... packaging, we've discovered, is missing iperf and nmap
<zyga> bladernr: ok, I can fix packaging, anything else?
<bladernr> also, the file that roadmr created to hold the test target data (/etc/xdg/canonical-certification.conf) is not being read by plainbox
<bladernr> or canonical-certification-server specifically
<bladernr> so the network test never gets things like iperf target, and the virtualization test will never see any overrides for image location
<bladernr> (added a comment to the bug just now)
<bladernr> and I can't for the life of me, find where in the checkbox trunk the base copy of canonical-certification.conf lives...
<bladernr> :/
<zyga> bladernr: we read '/etc/xdg/canonical-certification.conf' (amongst others)
<zyga> bladernr: can you run checkbox check-config and see if you have that file listed as present?
<zyga> bladernr: plainbox does *not* read '/etc/xdg/canonical-certification.conf' though
<zyga> bladernr: only checkbox-ng and friends do
<bladernr> hrmm....
<zyga> bladernr: oh, maybe that is the problem
<zyga> bladernr: does that job run as root?
<bladernr> yeah, no checkbox
<zyga> bladernr: ok, no worries, just use /etc/xdg/plainbox.conf instead
<zyga> bladernr: so apart from misconfigurartion, all that is needed is iperf and nmap in dependencies, right?
<bladernr> I think so.
<zyga> bladernr: on the server provider
<bladernr> right
<zyga> bladernr: ok, I'll get that fix for you now
<zyga> bladernr: would you mind adding this irc log to the bug report please
<bladernr> ok...
<bladernr> so I don't have plainbox.conf, and renaming the canonical-certification.conf file doesn't work either