Comment 4 for bug 1296965

Rod Smith (rodsmith) wrote :

To clarify: I have not tested with nmap installed and configuration settings in /etc/xdg/certification.conf, just with nmap installed and configuration settings in /etc/checkbox.d/network.cfg. FWIW, the way I've been installing everything does leave an /etc/checkbox.d/network.cfg file on the system. Perhaps I'm installing some old packages that are no longer necessary, or perhaps something's continuing to create those old files. Either way, the presence of the old file contributed to my using it. I'm currently running a test that's restored /etc/checkbox.d/network.cfg to its original state and that places the server address in /etc/xdg/certification.conf. The information on using /etc/checkbox.d/network.cfg, BTW, was from the old 12.04 self-test guide, which I've used as the basis for the updated 14.04 self-test guide (current draft here:

I just reviewed my e-mail, and I see that I WAS informed of the new filename in an e-mail from Jeff, but that data obviously didn't "stick" in my mind. What would be more helpful than a mailing list post, IMHO, would be a document (a Google document or wiki page) maintained by the developers that outlines the current process. This document could (indeed, MUST) be updated as things change. It needn't be very detailed or "neat," just highlight the major points and changes from the previous version.