Comment 3 for bug 1296965

Daniel Manrique (roadmr) wrote :

Hi Rod, so to be clear, if you install nmap and put the configuration in /etc/xdg/certification.conf, do things work as expected?

We can certainly add the nmap dependency to the provider package that supplies these jobs and whitelists. If it's not there already, it's an omission for which I apologize, as it caused you guys to waste time figuring out.

As for adding things in /etc/checkbox.d/network.cfg, where did you find instructions specifying to do this in that file? if you saw this in the existing server testing guide, then of course as you have noticed, things have changed, and had to, to accomodate the engine change from checkbox to plainbox.

I realize there may have been some miscommunication there, but I'm unsure what we could have done to better convey these changes. When we implemented those features (using certification.conf instead of checkbox.d/network.cfg) we discussed it extensively with Jeff, so I assumed, perhaps too overarchingly, that "people were aware" of the change.

One way that comes to mind is notifying people about this change using a relevant mailing list (which one would you say is relevant? perhaps there's one I'm not subscribed to, and I should be as we have a lot of interlock as we work together on getting these tools ready). And of course, when in doubt, you're always welcome to ask us, either by e-mail or by filing bug reports.

So actions:

- Could you please confirm that installing nmap and adding the configuration in certification.conf enabled the test to run?
- Could you confirm where you got the information about the old network.cfg mechanism, so we can decide whether we need to update it?