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Bug #1416108 reported by nicopace on 2015-01-29
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python-django (Juju Charms Collection)

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I plan to improve this charm by adding this tests:
* improve basic test by checking if the service is running ok (accessing a public url, and an authenticated url)
* test deploying using a site template
* test deployment with gunicorn
* test using code repository
* test dpaste configuration example, from README
* test "upgrade charm"
* test fabric commands
* test application subordinate charm
* test django_version, for different options like ppa, pip like or url
* test unit-config, as it is not clear what it is for
* test urls_dir_name and urls_injection_path, as it is not clear what it is for
* test different databases relations
* test memcached
* test settings injection

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Sheila Miguez (codersquid) wrote :

I recommend adding tests for settings injection.

Do you need to test fabric or will it get dropped when the ansible work is done?

I have a branch of this charm where I have added nagios checks and I have a mojo spec with a verify phase that runs http_check which does nicely for your first item in the list.

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nicopace (nicopace) wrote :

@codersquid Good idea, testing settings injection. i'll add it to the plan.

I didn't know that fabric was going to get dropped. Where is it documented?

I don't know what a mojo spec is... can you clarify, or give me some link about that?

description: updated
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Sheila Miguez (codersquid) wrote :

@nicopace Mojo got announced very recently, and I've been using it with the python-django charm for deploying things. I'll put together a generic python-django charm as an example when I have a chance. Mine has a few specific things that aren't relevant.

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nicopace (nicopace) wrote :

@codersquid for what i undertand, Mojo is a declarative way of defining scenaries and testing them, while Amulet is a library to do this programmatically.
I believe that the way to go for now is using Amulet, as it is the de-facto way of testing.

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Patrick Hetu (patrick-hetu) wrote :

nicopace that would be an awesome start!

If you want to test dpaste you will need a subordinate for static files like https://code.launchpad.net/~patrick-hetu/+junk/django-contrib-staticfiles
You could also use something like dj-static or a CDN subordinate like django-cumulus but it's harder to do.

It still think that fabric is still a valid way to interact with the web site.

I would leave the upgrade test since it is not cleat yet what upgrade should do now.

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