Comment 1 for bug 992572

James Page (james-page) wrote :

Hi Robert

I've reviewed your charm - looks pretty good - I was able to get a terracotta cluster up and running using the LXC provider really quickly.

I have two comments:

1) hooks/terracotta - configDefaults function

I would use default-java rather that the explicit openjdk-6 path - the next release of Ubuntu will ship openjdk-7 as default so using this link will mean you get auto-upgraded :-)

2) Source of distribution

I like the way you are validating the checksums on the distribution of terracotta - and the fact that this is configuration.

Around 12 months ago we did some work to package terracotta from the upstream binary distribution:

This was getting some limited use based on feedback I had from users but it would be a nice complement to this charm and would move the stuff I would expect to see in packaging out of the charm.

Note that this point won't block entry to official charm status - but would be nice to discuss at UDS next week.

3) metadata.yaml - peer relationship

The way you have your peer relationship defined in metadata.yaml works fine (although I'm not sure why):

  server-array: terracotta-server

However its not formed as per spec:

So I'm a little concerned that it might break at a later date is something in juju changes - I think this is correct:

    interface: terracotta-server

Marking 'Incomplete' pending fixup of points 1) and 3).