Comment 5 for bug 884850

Eduardo Rodriguez (sinapsis490) wrote :

I think, that using juju for a more production like deploy is good, but for development and small bussiness is not practical to use 6 servers obtaining what, only one computational node?, that is a waste of resources. I work as a software developer with multiple proyects and i would like to use openstack + juju as a fast way to obtain development/testing/production environments. Even for my clients. I am currently using devstack. (I tried jitsu in a two nodes installation and doesn't work for me).
What i think will be good to have is a juju charm (not devstack), that allow us to deploy all services into a single machine and then add compute nodes with the normal relation procedure, and obtaining the environment.yaml for then using juju on top of openstack.
In that way i can use one big server with all services (with or without nova-compute 1 or 2 servers setup)

I will be glad to know more, and obtain some feedback.

My Background:
No, my proyects doent need 100+ servers, normally 2 or 3 Big Servers. And if i use bare metal (without virtualization) with this resource hungry approuch i will use a 5000+ dolars server in services that doesn't give me any value. (I know openstack is for a mantaining datacenters but i see great potencial in here even for low/middle size customers)
A goog example of what i have is a tiny server 8G ram, xeon dual core, serveral hardrives running all openstack services, and then in a bigger server 2 6-core proccesor 64 gigs of ram running the compute node. In this setup i test up to 4 compute nodes and the tiny server is not overload at all. I understand that if i have hundreads of nodes that setup will not work but in my normal 1~5 nodes it work very well.