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rajith (rajith-pv) wrote :

Here is a new Charm for IBM Platform PM for review

The Platform Process Manager has to be deployed as subordinate to IBM Plaform LSF software which is installed under the /usr/share/lsf/ directory. A separate charm for IBM Platform LSF is available for the same.

1)Run the below juju command to agree Platform PM License:
    juju agree ibm-platform-process-manager/1

Follow the below steps to deploy Platform PM:
2)Deploy IBM Platform LSF charm by following README files of LSF Storage, LSF Master and LSF Server charms.

3)Run the following command to deploy ibm platform pm
    juju deploy ibm-platform-pm --series trusty

4)Attach IBM Platform-pm installation packages by running the below specific commands.
    juju attach ibm-platform-pm ibm_ppm_installer=</path/to/ppm9.1.3.0_pinstall.tar.Z>
    juju attach ibm-platform-pm ibm_ppm_installer1=</path/to/ppm9.1.3.0_fm_lnx26-ppc64le.tar.Z>
    juju attach ibm-platform-pm ibm_ppm_installer2=</path/to/ppm9.1.3.0_svr_lnx26-ppc64le.tar.Z>

5)Then add relation with Platform LSF Master
    juju add-relation ibm-platform-pm ibm-platform-lsf-master

After adding relation Platform PM Charm the install packages will start and at this point IBM Platform Process Manager will install and set port 1966/tcp

Source code can be found in below repository

The Charm has been pushed into charm store as well
branch: cs:~ibmcharmers/trusty/ibm-platform-pm-3