Comment 1 for bug 1342847

Charles Butler (lazypower) wrote :


This bundle is great work! I love how its got a cloud / orange box deployment strategy. However, it appears our tooling is not aware of some of the features you've stuffed in here (that it appears deployer understands)

When running charm proof on the bundle:

W: transcode: charm URL should include a revision
W: transcode: charm URL should include a revision
E: orange-box/nfs: unsupported constraints: tags
E: orange-box/transcode: unsupported constraints: tags

And as I'm sure you know the bundle should be updated with the charm-store flavor of the charm once its been accepted. I'll be keeping my eyes on this bundle as it continues to grow.

Thank you for the submission, and pending resolution of the above tooling output - I'll follow up with additional information regarding this bundle's acceptance.