Comment 6 for bug 1273790

Matt Bruzek (mbruzek) wrote :


Thanks for your continued work on this wildfly charm! You addressed all the concerns I noted. The wildfly charm deploys cleanly in Juju on the HP cloud and I was able to load a WAR file to test the functionality of wildfly. I tested access the webapp context and verified that JSP and Servlets were working!

The hooks log appropriately which is very nice for debugging. They verify all downloads, and use templates for configuration files. The README converts to markdown format, and looks very nice.

This latest version of the wildfly looks great, and passes my initial cursory review. According to our process someone else will have to review it before the charm can be accepted to the Charm Store. A Charmer will be by shortly for a final review prior to promulgation.

Great job on this charm. Thanks so much for working on the revisions to make this a great charm!

- Matt